Elections 2019

Election meeting will be held at Puu1 building (Vuorimiehentie 1) on Tue 19th November 2019 at 4.30pm. The election meeting aims to choose board and officials of Puunjalostajakilta for the year 2020.

Board 2020

The application period for board 2020 starts on Mon 4th November 2019!
The board 2020 includes following positions, where the bolded ones are demanded by rules:

  • Chair of the Board
  • Treasurer
  • Public Relations Officer
  • the Head of Excursions
  • International Officer
  • Host
  • Hostess
  • Study Master

Descriptions of the board tasks can be found at Job descriptions page.

The application period will end on Monday 11th November 2019 at 11.59pm. The applications will be posted on this website, as well as on the notice board outside the guild room, on 12th November 2019. Note that it is also possible to apply for the board in the election meeting.

How to apply for the board 2020

  1. Fill in the form that is found in the Guild’s Ilmomasiina

If you are applying for several positions, please fill in a separate form for each position.

The election meeting will be held on 19th November 2019. All people sent their application during the application period are considered as applicants during the election meeting in addition to those, who apply during the meeting. If you want to cancel your application, please send a separate email (henrik.c.lindberg(at)aalto.fi) no later than 18th November. All actual members of Puunjalostajakilta can apply for the board.

If you cannot participate the election meeting, but you are interested in applying for the board, please mention about it when sending the application. In this case, we recommend to make additional video application and/or participate the meeting by Skype.

If you need more information about the tasks of the board, please contact the current board (pjk(at)list.ayy.fi) or a board member by email for example (see the contact information of the board). If you have any technical questions about the application process, please contact the guild’s Public Relations Officer (henrik.c.lindberg(at)aalto.fi).

By sending an application for the board 2019:

  • You give a permission for posting your application to guild’s webisite and the notice board. The applications will be deleted within two week period after the election meeting.
  • You commit to be an applicant in the election for the positions you applied.