PARKKI is the alumni organisation for the alumni and students close to graduation who have studied forest products technology or bioproduct technology at Aalto University (formerly Helsinki University of Technology). The organisation was founded in 2011 and cooperates with Aalto University, Aalto University Student Union, and Forest Products Guild.

PARKKI organises several events during the year, for example after works and excursions. The aim is to gather people together on a regular basis to meet old and new friends, and to catch up on the latest news from Otaniemi.

Joining PARKKI is free of charge! Everyone, who has studied, finishing their studies or worked in the faculties teaching forest products or bioproduct technologies can join as a member. The annual membership fee is decided every year in the yearly meeting. So far, there has been no membership fee.

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Chair of the board:  Airi Antikainen, (airiantikainen (a)




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