PJK’s Annual Ball

The annual ball of the Forest Products Guild is called ‘Kuumahionta’, which can be translated to english as “Hot grinding”. Kuumahionta is our precious ball of honoring the guild’s history which is celebrated formally. The dress-code of the ball is a dark suit or formal dress with academic badges.

This year, we are celebrating the 74rd anniversary of our guild on Friday 8.3. at Agroksenmäki basement hall in Helsinki (Tammasaarenkatu 1, Helsinki) beginning at 18.00. The Cocktail party will be held in Helsinki at Andritz headquarters (Tammasaarenkatu 1) starting at 15:30. The After party will be organised in the place X, which will be revealed at the ball. The traditional brunch will be served on Saturday 9.3. at 12-18 at Rantasauna.

For the guild members, signing up for Hot Grinding will be open from 4th of February 12.00 o’clock. For students, the price is 60 euros and for graduates 80 euros. The price of the brunch, “Sillis” is 10 euros.

Registration: https://www.puunjalostajakilta.fi/ilmomasiina-pjk/