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Puunjalostajakilta ry (Forest Products Guild) represents Aalto University students who are interested in forest and bioproduct technology. The guild organizes both casual and business related events for the students, and is especially known for its excursions to Finnish and even international companies among the forest based industry. You can find guild members in the Guild room (Kiltis) in Puu1 building, hanging out, drinking coffee and playing the famous guild’s card game “Siantappo”.

Besides excursions, PJK also organizes for example sitsit parties, sauna evenings and the annual ball, Kuumahionta. In addition, the guild’s sportsmaster organizes sports activities such as football, futsal, floorball, climbing and paintball together with the CHEM sportsmasters. You can find more information about the events on our Facebook page and group. Please note that we are using Ilmomasiina for enrolling on guilds events and enrolling on the events is usually mandatory beforehand. The enrollment for the sports events is usually arranged via Facebook group CHEMsports.

The guild was founded in 1945 in Espoo. It offers a great counterbalance to studying, but also is a way to gain contacts for the future working life. The Guild also represents and helps its members in their studies. The election of the guild board called “raati” is arranged annually in Autumn term.


Want to join? You can find the instructions here. If you have any questions about Forest Products guild do not hesitate to ask! You can find contact details below.

Guild board’s email: pjk ät

Address of the Guild room:
Puunjalostajakilta Ry
PUU1 building
Vuorimiehentie 1
02150 Espoo