Guild room

The guild room of the Guild, called Kiltis, is located in Puu1 building (Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems, Vuorimiehentie 1) behind the lecture halls L1 and L2. The room is meant to serve as a lounge, where you can stop by whenever you want.

At Kiltis, it is possible to buy coffee, other beverages, and several different kinds of snacks at affordable prices. Additionally, a coffee maker and a kettle are available to use for all guild members. To ensure comfort, be sure to clean your own mess!

There are also loudspeakers and mood lighting in the room, so a good vibe is guaranteed. Usually it needs only a few noisy PJK members to bump up the feeling at Kiltis, however playing cards may be the most common thing to see, since PJK has its own card game called Siantappo.  If the game is not familiar, don’t worry – there are definitely people there that can teach the secrets of the game!

Feel free to visit Kiltis anytime you like, welcome 🙂