“Neon Baarissa” is an unregistered, non-profit organization that helps students survive the 4-5 days long homeland excursion. The members of Neon Baarissa wear neon yellow safety vests and make terrible noise on the back seats of the bus while playing tasteless but surprisingly catchy music with their loudspeaker. Additional characteristics of Neon Baarissa include Top Gun hype and their pre-Christmas parties.


There are tons of trifling and passing trends in the field of the forestry industry. However, cellulose and Cellulose club (“Sellistikerho”) aren’t among those! It’s the biggest club of the Guild (at least measured with ADT/d according to someone unknown) and has stayed unregistered since 2001, despite several attempts.


Puumekanistikerho is a club for students who are interested in the mechanical wood industry. The club organizes free-time activities such as excursions and company evenings for its members and acts as a link between students and wood industry. For more information, visit our website.